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Codatech x Credas partnership

With the legislation changes in right to work (RTW) that commenced 1st October 2022, Codatech has partnered with a government-certified Identity Service Provider (IDSP) to offer streamlined RTW checks.

We’ve partnered with Credas, the UK’s leading verification software provider. With user-friendly software that makes identity verification easy, ID can be verified in just three simple steps with an accuracy rating of 97.7%.

Any agency or intermediary can access the benefits of our partnership – regardless of whether you’re an existing Codatech client. In our first month of partnership, we’ve had an impressive uptake from new and existing clients who are already benefitting from easy RTW checks!



Our partnership allows us to offer simple identity verification to help keep you compliant with the recent RTW legislation changes.

It’s the simple way to verify ID, eliminating the administrative nightmare of everything from manual verification to storing data.

It’s easy as 1-2-3.

Credas verification process

Best of all, you’ll benefit from a significantly reduced rate of £0.95 per ID verification – a saving of over 35% compared to the retail price!


Direct integration with Codapay

Our direct integration between Codapay and Credas means data can be shared automatically.

Simply create a worker in Codapay which will automatically invite them to complete their ID verification in Credas.

When they submit their ID, the status will automatically update in Codapay to confirm whether the verification is complete.

It goes without saying, this saves you lots of time and ensures greater accuracy when it comes to ID checks, whether that’s for right to work (RTW), onboarding, or otherwise.


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