Introducing our fresh new look

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2022 is a big year for Codatech, and we’re kicking it off with a fresh new website so you can explore our portfolio of products. Plus, our swish new logo sets the scene for our vision over upcoming years.

We have lots of exciting new recruitment software coming soon – and you can get a sneak preview on our Products page. For updates on these new launches and exclusive offers, sign up to our newsletter.

Not only that, but we have planned big improvements to our service to ensure you continue receiving our first-rate customer support.

On that note, let’s recap who we are and what we’re about.


Our vision for 2022

We’re a recruitment software provider with the aim to modernise the way you work. Our technology enables you to complete tasks quicker and easier, without the common bugbears often associated with recruitment processes.

To achieve this, we have four core values that set out the way we operate:

  • Innovation: we pave the way in our concepts and creation
  • Modernisation: our products are always up to current standards
  • Diversification: if we identify a gap in the market, our offering expands
  • Transformation: our technology is ever-evolving to optimise user experience

Plus, to go one step further, here are Codatech’s five key success factors:

  • Payroll-first: instead of creating payroll software to fit an existing recruitment software range, we started with payroll and continue to build up to the front office from this same key platform
  • Speed: the days of lagging and loading are over, as Codatech software is designed for instant and limitless processing
  • Cloud-based: all our products are based on a cloud framework to offer greater speed, security, and flexibility
  • Security: the safeguarding of your data and our systems is of utmost importance to us, and we have robust processes in place to ensure maximum security
  • Customer service: good technology is nothing without trusted support– which is why our UK-based team of experts is our crowning glory

In a nutshell, we pride ourselves on our technology and team. For customers of Codatech products, that means speedy, simple software with super reliable support on hand.

Download our product brochure to learn more about the key features and benefits of our existing product range.

We have lofty ambitions for 2022 and beyond, stay updated on LinkedIn for regular news and updates.

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