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Software that simplifies getting UK workers paid. Create a complete middle to back-office with our cloud-based solutions.


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HMRC-recognised payroll software for recruitment agencies, umbrella companies, accountants and payroll bureaus. Bespoke solutions available.

Incredibly fast payroll

With a processing time of under 5 seconds regardless of the number of payslips processed, hit new records with Codapay.

Limitless and scalable

Process payroll without limits - or compromising speed. When your business grows, Codapay will scale up with you.

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Our SaaS recruitment pay and bill solution that enables you to go from timesheets to invoicing in seconds. Includes candidate portals.

Built for bulk processing

Whether you're payrolling or invoicing clients or suppliers, do it in one quick process.

Create an end-to-end solution

Seamlessly connect with Codapay or any other back-office solution, as well as your CRM of choice.

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Designed to save you time and money

By creating solutions that eliminate unnecessary steps and speed up your processes, you'll get from A to B faster and easier.

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Enhanced speed
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